Habbies Howe Beef

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Habbies Howe has been providing beef to Victorians for over 160 years. First settled by Gideon and Georgina Stewart in 1842 the property stayed in the family until the 1920's. Dick Webb, who started as a Jackaroo for the new owner, Tom Daskein eventually went on to manage and own Habbies Howe in his own right by 1946. After his death in 1978 the property was bought by Henry Simon of “Koala Shoe” fame from whom we bought the property and the foundation of our Te mania based herd in 1998. The heritage and history of Habbies Howe has been maintained and preserved by the previous owners and we are pleased to be able to continue their legacy. Habbies Howe is listed with the National trust and Heritage Victoria