Habbies Howe Beef

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Mission Statement

We are committed to producing, healthy, nutritious beef. Simply, ethically and humanely in a sustainable environment.

About Our beef

  • We are favoured with fertile soils, fresh clean water and a stable environment.
  • All our stock are born, bred and grown in Highlands Victoria. You can buy our fully traceable beef with confidence.
  • The commercial Angus herd has been a member of Team Te Mania since 2001. Te Mania is one of the leading Angus studs in Australia.
  • We have been Certified Australian Angus Beef since 2000.
  • We are EU certified. No Hormonal Growth Promotants have ever been used.
  • All animals are grass fed, extensively grazed and are only supplemented with hay or silage sourced from the property.
  • We have all attended Low Stress Stock handling courses and treat our cattle with the respect and care they deserve.
  • We have taken great care to encourage the natural and sustainable environment with the careful management of creeks, remnant bush, introduced and native pastures.
  • We have self managed supply lines to ensure the utmost care is taken by PrimeSafe registered facilities and butchers.
  • We rely heavily and trust in the experience of our butchers to optimise the hanging process (dry ageing) of the primal cuts to provide the best possible eating experience.